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Thursday, May 11, 2006

So where has THIS gem been all my life..?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A 23-year-old with a foot fetish has admitted he tried to kiss, fondle and lick the legs and toes of more than 70 women on the New York subway over the last three years, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

In a handwritten confession to police released by the Manhattan district attorney's office, Joseph Weir said his aim was "to make them laugh and smile and open to talk to me."

Weir, who was arrested late last week after attacking a woman on a subway in lower Manhattan, is charged with forcible touching, sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment -- the latter charge referring to his habit of grabbing his victims' legs and not letting go.

He faces up to a year in jail if convicted and has been released on $6,000 bail until a court hearing on June 26.

In a rambling confession peppered with grammatical errors, Weir, who lives in Brooklyn, detailed how he accosted the women while riding the subways between Manhattan and the borough of Queens.

"I get on my knees, bow, grab their feet, kiss them. I grab their hand and tell them 'You're so beautiful. I'm not worthy,'" he wrote. "I do not give me real name. If they ask I will tell them my name is Anthony, Jason or Careem."

Weir said his motivation was to get to know the women, but he recalled that often they would move away when he tried to "taste and touch them."

"Some women had kick(ed) me and screamed," he wrote. "I've done this to about 70 women, mostly black."

Prosecutors said dozens of women had started to come forward to identify Weir, who told detectives in his confession that he lived with his parents and two sisters.

"I am currently unemployed," he wrote, adding that he had been fired from his previous job with a sightseeing company.

In his confession, Weir apologized to his victims, saying: "I don't mean to hurt no body and I am sorry."


Blogger Pamela Hollosnap said...

I've got some nasty old garden shoes he can lick. What a fruitcake.

3:49 PM, May 11, 2006  
Anonymous heartinsanfrancisco said...

He makes the guy who begged you and your pretty feet to star in a footie porn film look good - at least HE slithered away when you said no. Ya gotta wonder how these people navigate without bumping into things.

4:43 PM, May 12, 2006  
Anonymous heartinsanfrancisco said...

Being a sucker for exotic fruit,- "sucker" being the operative word here - I brought home a kiwano horned melon from Safeway. It's about the size of a hand grenade (I think,) golden orange with swirls and speckles of darker orange resembling batik, with sharp protuberances all over. I couldn't wait to see what it tasted like but decided to check online first in case there was a time-tested way to open the thing without getting gored.

I learned that it's as close to inedible as a thing could be that purports to be food, and that in fact it contains certain compounds which are toxic to mammals. Oh, good. BUT it has a very long shelf life, doubtless made longer by the fact that no one can or will eat it. Expensive, too. I'm thinking that if I can make a harness for it, I might hang it on my next Christmas tree. I never thought of buying ornaments at the supermarket before, save popcorn and cranberries to string when my children were little, but I'm open to new possibilities.

My point being, I think it's really RUDE of Safeway to sell these things in their produce department, right next to the strawberries and mangoes, as if they are food. There should be a disclaimer, at least, or a nice skull and crossbones on the label instead of a smug sticker that proclaims it to be a genuine kiwano horned melon, accept no substitutes. It should be sold in the aisle with things like rat bait and roach motels. Or sent to the folks at the Hemlock Society.

I'll let you know how it tastes.

6:23 PM, May 14, 2006  
Anonymous supermom said...

Wow, it is a pity that there aren't more subways that you can get your feet and legs licked on. This must be what's wrong with America....the lack of public transportation to be violated on. OOOOHHHHH in a perfect world..... What a strange occurance to read about. Only in the big apple.

9:40 PM, May 18, 2006  
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Blogger MistressZahara said...

Too bad he went the cuckoo way but, a foot fetish doesn't have to get so out of control. I know a few guys with foot fetish, I'm a fetishist. Sometimes though, the public exposure is part of the fetish. I wonder if he's going to have to register as a sex offender.

12:48 PM, January 11, 2012  

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